SCOTUS Rules On Our Future

Now that SCOTUS has ruled on ObamaCare, and my liberal friends have had their period of gloating and letting us know how proud they are that “the will of the people” has been done, let’s take a look at exactly what we got.

SCOTUS approved the mandate, so long as it is upheld AS A TAX. This goes against a number of things we’ve been told by the Obama administration. First and foremost being that the mandate is NOT a tax. That point was argued by the administration in front of SCOTUS a few short months ago. And since it is a tax, the statement by Obama during his campaign not four years ago, claiming that your taxes WILL NOT GO UP, is totally thrown out the window. In other words, this is Obama’s George H.W. Bush moment. Remember? “Read my lips. No new taxes.” How did that work back then?

This decision has even more wide reaching effects. The Sixteenth Amendment, ratified in 1913, gave the government the right to tax its citizenry, “legally”, for the first time in our country’s history. In one day, SCOTUS has now expanded that right exponentially. Whether ObamaCare is, or should I say hopefully, repelled by this Congress or the next President, the U.S. Government now has the authority to tell the citizenry what to buy, when to buy it and the ability to levy taxes on anything it darn well pleases. Consider that the government mandates that everyone has to buy and eat broccoli. A bit absurd, but well within reason. Or that everyone has to buy a Chevy or have a tax imposed because you own some other brand. Did you wonder a few months ago when over 16,000 new IRS employees were hired what exactly they might be doing? Those employees are the ones who will monitor the mandatory tax that will be assessed for your health care payments. Scary isn’t it? The IRS will be overseeing healthcare.

Add to all this, the fact that, if your employer now provides healthcare benefits for you, you might need to find healthcare coverage on your own. Since there is an opt-out clause built into the law, employers MAY opt to pay the fine instead of providing benefits to you. This course would be more profitable to them, because the fines will be so small to begin with compared to the cost of providing healthcare for their employees. Can you see the European system of single-payer insurance coming into focus here?

So, THANK YOU President Obama for helping us take another large step toward Greece!

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